Location: Classified

From The Top Secret Desk of: Mike Humphreys, Copywriter
Subject: “How To Make An Absolute Killing On ClickBank”


Dear CB Marketer,

War is HELL. ClickBank? … Just another war zone.

Thousands of marketers are fighting to “take” ClickBank hill… where it's riches galore.

5-figures… 6-figures… even 7-figures in new sales and commissions every month — practically on auto-pilot — all thanks to ClickBank's army of affiliates.

When you're king of ClickBank hill… you get to reap some serious windfall profits… until another marketer comes along and knocks you off.

Smart marketers use every tactical advantage they can on their way to the top. The not-so smart marketers… they get treated like cannon fodder and get shot down behind enemy lines.

Hi, Mike Humphreys here. As a 7-figure producing copywriter, I gotta be honest…

“…Over $100K In Sales In the First 4 Weeks…”

“Hey Mike,

Wanted to let you know that the promotion you wrote for me recently converted great. It generated over $100K in sales in the first 4 weeks… and it's still bringing in sales!

Ka-Ching! As far I'm concerned whenever I need copywriting help again, you're my go-to guy.”

Thanks again,

Mike Capuzzi, Inventor of CopyDoodles™

I'm not being cruel.

I've personally seen and been a part of mega-launches where everyone is breaking out the champagne and celebrating.

And… I've personally seen some launches bomb so badly… the client is looking for someone to toss in front of a firing squad.

Watching your product launch bomb on ClickBank sucks.

All of the time and money you spent creating your product… only to watch it crash and burn on launch day is PAINFUL. It's the type of pain, I wouldn't wish on anybody.

Fortunately, there's a better way…

A way to virtually guarantee your current — and future — ClickBank products produce a raging river of money.

You may not know this, but I'm not just a copywriter. I'm also an info-product marketer. And some of my info-products are on ClickBank.

So I don't just “study” successful ClickBank promotions.

Hell no.

I frickin' obsess over these promotions.

We're talkin'…

I analyze them like a CIA agent interrogates a suspected terrorist.

“…Converting Over At Over 10%!”

“Hey Mike,

I just wanted to let me know how impressed I am with your copywriting. During my product launch I had some affiliates converting at over 10%!

Not only that, after I launched you worked with me to continually tweak and improve my offer for even better conversions.

It's clear you know what you are talking about when it comes to copy, and I especially appreciate the fact you didn't just write the copy and move on to the next project… you were always there to answer my questions along the way.

I will DEFINITELY be using your services again.”

Thank you!

Jason James

I want to know what makes them work and why.

I want to know the target market…

I want to know what their customers are gladly whipping out their credit cards for…

Just as important, I want to know exactly how the ClickBank game is being played by the top guns.

The fact of the matter is, it's a good thing that I'm so obsessed with getting this information.

That's because I've decided to share the…

Look, the face of the Internet has changed.

Using ClickBank is 21st century marketing… It's THE wave of the future.

Play it right… and you can ride that wave to huge piles of money.

Play it wrong… and you can get blown to bits.

It's quite simple really.

If you take the time to gather the intel and completely analyze what the ClickBank top sellers are doing…

If you take the time to go through the full ClickBank buying process…

If you take the time to gather the golden nuggets of knowledge like I've done, then…

It doesn't matter if you're a copywriter or an affiliate marketer…

If you apply just one idea I’ll share… it could double — perhaps even triple your income.

Just one idea. 

“…Sales Have Gone Up 25%”

“Mike has done a fantastic job with the sales copy on my website, and at a reasonable cost. After re-doing the sales copy on my main product, an instructional swimming DVD, my sales have gone up 25% and I had recouped the cost of the copy within 30 days.

I just re-hired him to do the copy on my home page and I look forward to the results!

Kevin Koskella

That's all it could take to create a massive spike in your income.

The type of spike that can make a huge difference to your bank account.

That's the profit power of my new ClickBank service.

Why “CB Recon”?

Because like a military recon unit, I'm going behind enemy lines to gather top-secret intel.

It's inside “CB Recon” where I'm sharing some serious under-the-radar money-making ideas.

I'm talking about the truly ground breaking tips, tactics, and techniques that nobody dares to share.

But before you to get access to this type of classified information, we need to cover something very important…

The information shared inside “CB Recon” is for members only — and I mean members only!

Because if you DO share anything with outsiders… you'll be giving away our recon'd marketing secrets. The same secrets that give every “CB Recon” member a serious competitive advantage.

And if just ONE PERSON shares this type of information with a non-member, then everyone in “CB Recon” is compromised.

If you can't respect and follow the rules of “CB Recon”, don't join.

Now that the rules are out of the way…

Let's talk about what happens when you join “CB Recon”…

But before I give you those launch codes, let me tell you what “CB Recon” is NOT.

First, it's not a product review site. I'm not going to tell you whether a product is good or bad. That's not how I can best help you make more money. I'll explain why in a moment.

Second, it's not a copywriting critique. “CB Recon” members don't care if a top seller on ClickBank has a weak headline somewhere in their salesletter — they want to know why it's making a killing on ClickBank!

Third, it's NOT a promotional vehicle for CB merchants. I'm buying their products with my own money. They're not paying me a single penny to recon their promotions either.

CB Recon's mission can be stated in just one sentence...

The mission is sales.  Like how much and how fast you can get money pouring into your bank account.

When I'm doing a ClickBank recon…

I don't care about the product's quality… Not relevant.

I don't care whether their customer service is up to snuff… Not relevant.

I don't care about who their JV partners are either…

Ain’t my problem. Not your problem either.

Don't get me wrong — Those things *ARE* important to a growing online business.

But ClickBank JVs won't promote something that doesn't convert — that's just the cold hard facts. 

You know it. I know it.

Here's what I care about…

I'm CONSUMED with wanting to know what other CB promoters are doing marketing-wise.

So much so, that I often buy their products… just to go through their sales funnel.

It constantly amazes me their marketing strategies… take no prisoners attitude… copywriting chops… Navy SEAL-like covert skills and I want to know them and use them in my own business.

More importantly, I want to share what I learn with you.

Here's one thing I've learned…

Giving away most of your sales and expecting to make 5-figures... 6-figures... even 7-figures on your product just doesn't make sense.

“…This is a MUST Read.”

I love the way Mike totally dissects a sales letter. I'd expect nothing less from a copywriter.

And while it's not a copywriting course per say, it should give people a good insight into what makes a great sales letter. It's only one piece of the launch process but an important one.

Maybe the most important. All in all, the PDF I was given to review is about as solid as it gets.

And it's not a dull read either.

Mike is a master wordsmith so he actually makes learning enjoyable.

If you REALLY want to understand what makes a sales letter tick, this is a MUST read.”

Internet Marketer

Yet… more and more ClickBank marketers are doing it every day.  Not less.


Well, they've discovered a business tactic that works — and it's works like frickin' gangbusters!

And here's where I can help you best: I'll share my recon with you.

Quite simply, my recon is an in-depth breakdown and analysis of top ClickBank merchants…

  • Their complete marketing funnel…
  • Their complete sales analysis and strategy…
  • Their covert copywriting and persuasion tactics…
  • And much more…

Each month, I'll use my recon files to blow the cover on at least 2 top ClickBank promotions.

In each recon file, I'll break down what they're doing right.

I'll go through their entire marketing process with a fine tooth comb and share with you the golden nuggets that you should be putting into action in your own business.

Some of these sellers may be in the internet marketing niche.

Some of them may be from other niches.

I'd like to tell you what niches they are but… I'd be breaking the rules for “CB Recon”.

Of course, as a member of “CB Recon”, you'll know exactly what sites and niches have been covered each and every month.

And if you're worried that I'm making promises and won't be able deliver — don't be.

You're completely protected by my 100% money back guarantee. And my professional reputation is worth far more to me than any measly monthly fee I collect.

Now some of you are probably thinking…

Not a chance.

“…When I Saw What You Did, I Was Blown Away.”


When you first reached out about reviewing ****** *****, I assumed you were going to do a copywriting critique on our sales letter. Then when I saw what you did, I was blown away.

You literally picked apart every aspect of our offer and broke it down to the finest of details so that anyone could copy our marketing and be successful with it.

Sure you reviewed the sales copy and you’re revealing why it has done well for us, but you’re doing so much more, all the way down to flowcharting our upsell path and explaining exactly why it works.

There’s a lot of truth in the statement, “Model what works” and you have made it a LOT easier for anyone to come in off the street and model our offer, along with any other offer your review.

Well done my man.

I’m impressed.”

John Hostler
ClickBank TopGun

I hate to disappoint any hungry lawyers out there but… every site that I profile in my recon files has already given me their written permission to do so. Every single one of them.

And they're doing it GLADLY.


Three big reasons.

First, the top sellers are always looking for ways to make even more money from their sites. Do you think that having a 7-figure producing copywriter break down their marketing funnel and tell them what's working would be beneficial?

You betcha.

I'm telling them what they need to tweak to get even more sales pouring out of their cash cow!

Second, if I recon a ClickBank seller that has it going on… and share that recon file with the “CB Recon” members… do you think they might gain some new affiliates?


If you're an affiliate who knows how to drive traffic, then you want new products to promote. And you want products that are going to convert your targeted traffic and make you even more affiliate commissions.

Third, some recon files may profile a product that interests you. So the ClickBank seller gains a new buyer without doing any additional work on their end.

Quite simply, I've already struck a win-win deal with these ClickBank superstars.

The superstars win because they learn what's working (besides their own testing & trial and error).

The “CB Recon” members win because they get access to the cutting-edge marketing and sales tactics that are working right now.

It's like speed dating where all of the social deviants and psychopaths have been left home: Only the very best ClickBank sellers ever make it into the “CB Recon” files.

No fluff. No filler. Just the very best ClickBank marketing tips, tactics, and techniques that you can use in your own growing internet empire.

And that's why I'm not afraid to take a virtual bullet on your behalf…

Here's What You'd Need To Create
Your Own ClickBank Recon Files

Time And/Or Money Spent

“CB Recon”

Top 50 Marketing Books From Amazon.com $1000-2000 Not Needed
Top 50 Copywriting and Persuasion Books From Amazon.com $1000-2000 Not Needed
Personally Attend 10 Marketing or Copywriting Training Seminars $20,000+ Not Needed
Buy 2-3 ClickBank Products Per Month (Even If You Don't Need The Product) $100-500 Not Needed
Transcribe every sales video (1-3 per product) $150-400 Not Needed
Break down each part of the marketing funnel
(15-20 Hours Of Your Time Per Product)
45-60 Hours Not Needed
Total Cost In Your Time And Your Money Lots Classified

It's not a matter of cost. Just using just one of the proven marketing and sales tips, tactics, and techniques revealed inside CB Recon will make you more money — guaranteed.

“…Does the Dirty Work of Getting You Smart to What's Working Now!”

“What sells on Clickbank seems to change almost day-to-day!

CBRecon does the dirty work of getting you smart to what's working Now!

As a fellow copywriter, I know you couldn't have a savvier ongoing guide to the Clickbank minefield than Mike Humphreys: A stand-up dude I'd go into battle with any day of the week.

And a guy who in CBRecon, somehow distills the latest Clickbank profit-taking strategies into an easy-to-follow treasure map.”

Ross Bowring
Bowring Marketing

I'm talking 2X… 3x… even 10X more money than you're currently making. And that profit increase more than pays for CB Recon.

Getting access to this type of sales-increasing weapon is a game changer. I could easily ask for $1000 per month and be well-justified in doing so.

But you're not going to invest $1000 per month to join CB Recon.

Not even $500… not even $97.

In fact, the monthly price to join CB Recon is just $4.97 for your first month and then $47 per month thereafter.

Your rate will never go up even as new members are paying substantially more.

Here's the bottom line: Getting to the top of ClickBank hill doesn't happen by sheer luck.

You need a battle plan that turns loads of prospects into happy buyers like clockwork.

Smart marketers are using every available weapon in their arsenal to take new ground.

The not-so-smart marketers… well, they're getting left behind in the dead zone — a marketing wasteland filled with loads of starving marketers and affiliates.

But here's the good news: I can help you and help you in a big big way.

You won't have to go through any painful trial and error to figure out what works… because I've already discovered what works for you.

“…Great info+ Amazing Presentation = You're crazy if you don't get it.”

“... All I have to say is that this is a really neat and unique product.

If you're after some kind of magic bullet then this is NOT for you because Mike doesn't operate that way.

But if you're looking for someone who has made people TONS (he won't tell me how much b/c it would probably give me a stroke) of money through his copywriting and business strategy skills then this is for you.

I think this is a really cool product and fills a unique spot in the marketplace for people who want top selling products broken down (seriously like he builds flow charts which makes this a worthy buy in and of itself) in so many ways.

Mike has really spent a lot of time on this, polished it, and made it gorgeous.

Great info+ Amazing Presentation= You're crazy if you don't get it.”

Brad Spencer
Internet Marketer

You won't have to spend countless hours and dollars studying top ClickBank promotions… because I already spend my own time and money so you don't have to.

And you won't have to spend a lot of your time trying to find the right answers… because you can use the answers I've already discovered and share inside CB Recon every month.

Okay, let's recap.

Each month you get at least 2 top-secret recon files where I take a top ClickBank seller and break down what they're doing right.

Some of these sellers may be in the internet marketing niche.

Some of them may be from other niches.

You won't care because I'm going to share with you the golden nuggets gleaned from their process that you can put into action in your own business — and reap the rewards yourself.

You'll get this powerful marketing dirty bomb for just $4.97 for the first month and $47.00 per month thereafter.

You'll lock in this low rate forever.

Even when new members are gladly paying more per month, you'll be secretly delighted that you've gotten an even sweeter deal.

So it's time to make a choice.

You want to get to the top of ClickBank hill but there's only two ways to get there.

One way will lead you through uncharted territory. You'll be forced to travel without guide or compass.

You might accidently wander into enemy fire fight and see your product get shot down, crashing and burning before it ever had a chance for real success.

There's a real good chance you're going to find yourself turning back and heading back to where you started… only more tired and frustrated that you still haven't made it to the top of ClickBank hill.

Then there's the other way.

It's the way I've personally mapped out.

And if you choose this road, then I'll be happy to help you and guide you along the way.

“…This is FULL OF WIN.”

“Hey Mike,

Dude - CB Recon is AWESOME!

I love the tactical military hook/theme and the way you've presented the information is very creative and original to me.

The clinical breakdown of the sales video is powerful. This is FULL OF WIN.”

Brian McLeod

We'll use the same tips, tactics, and techniques that I've discovered and shared inside “CB Recon” to help you reach the top.

I wish I could make the choice for you but I can't. This decision is yours and only yours to make.

But here's the bottom line: Only “CB Recon” gives you the complete insiders recon why the top ClickBank sellers are making a killing every month.

“CB Recon” breaks down at least 2 top sellers each month and shows you exactly what they're doing — and how you can use the same marketing tactics in your own business.

And for a very limited time, you can lock-in a criminally low price of $97.00 $4.97 for the first month and $47.00 per month thereafter.

This price will not last forever and it can be raised without advance notice. And when do I raise the price again, it will climb to $97 per month minimum.

Remember to the victors of war go the spoils… and the defeated wind up being a pile of bleached bones on the battlefield.

So don't wait… grab your “CB Recon” membership right now!

I understand my Charter Membership gets me instant access to CB Recon for just $4.97 for the first month and $97 $47.00 per month thereafter.

I understand that I'll continue to get at least 2 new recon files each month with my membership.

I understand that all tips, tactics, and techniques revealed to CB Recon members can NOT be shared with non-CB Recon members.

I can rest easy knowing my investment is fully protected by your 30 day money-back guarantee and that after 30 days I can cancel without further obligation or commitment. I'm ready to take the next step.



Grab Your Charter Membership in “CB Recon” For Just $4.97 for the first month and $97 $47.00 per month thereafter.


To Your Increased Online Success,

PS: On the fence? Well, here's some testimonials from other marketers and copywriters who have used my products or coaching services…


“… Just ONE of the Modules Mike
Includes Would Easily Be Worth
The Price of This Entire Membership…”

“As a full-time professional copywriter who commands mid-four-figure fees every project… I can attest to the power and accuracy of the gems Mike is giving away in this membership.

In fact… they're the same "secret weapons" I use to keep my copywriting calendar packed full of clients eager to pay me lucrative fees for writing their copy.

Frankly, just ONE of the modules Mike includes would easily be worth the price of this entire membership.

So if there's any chance that you can get your hands on this package… do so. You won't be disappointed.”

Daniel Scott
Professional Copywriter



“… I Consider Him One of the Most
Underrated Marketers Online.”

“I can tell you first hand that Mike has reviewed several of my sales pages and made suggestions that dramatically boosted my conversion rate.

When it comes to copywriting, I consider him one of the most underrated marketers online.

The amount of extra money you'll make from learning from him makes this offer a real no-brainer. And I'm not just saying that - Mike has really been a big help for my business.”

Ron Douglas
Fulltime Online Marketer



“...You Are In Good Hands
If You Can Grab Mike.”

“I recommend Mike often to marketers looking for high-quality copywriting at affordable rates. There are tons of copywriters out there, and I recommend very few. Mike is the exception.

I do not hesitate to refer clients over to him. You are in good hands if you can grab Mike.

Eric Louviere


“… I'm Blown Away With The Quality…”

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the e-mail. I just read through the letter, and I
have to say it (at a risk of sounding cliché) - I'm blown away with the quality. I've heard great things about your work, but not having worked with you before, I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to receive. You have my business in the future ;).

Thanks Michael; incredible work.”

Jonathon Locke


“...Delivered Like The Pro That He Is
and I Couldn't Be Happier.”

“At Success Doctor, we have the luxury of working closely with the most well known names in our trade. But it’s just as exciting when we come upon a talented writer like Mike Humphreys.

I’ve been keeping tabs on Mike’s career for awhile and recently a project crossed my desk I knew he’d be perfect for.

This project presented some real challenges – not the least of which was a demanding client with high expectations in a brutally competitive niche.

Mike delivered like the pro that he is and I couldn’t be happier. If you’re looking for a copywriter who always puts his clients first – Mike’s your go-to guy!”

Andy Catsimanes
Vice President, Marketing and Operations
Michel Fortin’s Success Doctor, Inc.