Giveaway Riches

From: Jason James
Tuesday, 1:37 PM

Jason James

Internet Marketers... if you've always wanted to learn how to build your own successful online business... how to make more money regardless of selling your own products or someone else's... how to build a massive responsive list in any niche...

...Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read.






Dear Fellow Internet Entrepreneur,

In the next few minutes, I'm about to give you a major competitive advantage over 99.9% of all online marketers. Some folks might feel it's an unfair edge — and they may even be right.

But, I'm going to give you the tools you need to flatten your learning curve, boost your bottom line, and take your online business to the next profitable level.

I'm going to invite you to accept a valuable program built around one of the most powerful marketing tactics available in the world — completely without further risk or obligation.

This program even covers the one method that is primarily responsible from taking me from struggling internet wannabe to self-made internet millionaire within 2 years.

Think about it: Thousands of people have bought my products, listened to my interviews, and even signed up for my courses where they have paid up to $1,000 a month for access to my expertise. But now you're about to find one of my biggest secrets to success — for FREE!

Becoming a self-made internet millionaire has a nice ring to it. It's even given me the lifestyle of my dreams — which includes a 5000+ square foot home in New England and an expensive fleet of my own cars.

But I have a small confession to make.

Was I always this successful? No way.

Was I born under a lucky sign? Not a chance.

In fact, when I started out...

I was flat-broke and could barely meet my bills!

You see, it wasn't that long ago that I was completely broke. I didn't own anything except maxed credit cards and an overdrawn bank account. I used to look at the caller id before answering the phone because bill collectors called me at all hours of the day and night... wanting to know when I was going to pay them what I owed.

I had to rely on the kindness of family and friends to keep a roof over my head (thank goodness for them). Worse, any job I was able to land was a dead-end one. It had no future and barely paid enough to buy groceries. Of course, it wouldn't take long before something would happen and I'd be fired from yet another job.

I was a mess and didn't have much hope for a better life anytime soon.

But then one day, my luck took an unexpected turn for the better.

My mom agreed to let me sell her old cell phone on Ebay. I sold it for her and made a few bucks for my trouble.

Suddenly I was hooked. I wanted to find lots of other stuff to sell on Ebay... so I did. Within 3 months I had bought and sold enough things on Ebay to earn the title of “Power Seller”.

From Ebay, I started looking at selling things from my own websites and my life has been on the upswing ever since.

In fact, my very first year online produced over $246,000 in sales. Since then I have had $100,000+ product launches (four of them), two $200,000+ product launches, and even a $300,000+ product launch.

But I'm not just a solo information marketer... I'm also consistently among the TOP grossing affiliates for every major product launch.

This powerful 1-2 marketing punch means in the past 2 years alone, I've enjoyed over 2.5 million dollars in sales.

So What Was The Secret To My Success?

Here's the most important thing I did: I focused on building my own email subscriber lists. More importantly, I focused on building them quickly while doing so in a legal and ethical manner.

A lot of internet gurus will throw out cliches like “The money is in the list” but won't tell you what exactly it means.

Well, that's not my style — so let me take just a moment to explain what exactly I discovered.

If you're starting from scratch and are new to the internet, it's almost impossible to earn an income if you don't have your own subscriber list.

Think about it...

You want to do affiliate marketing... you need your own list to promote those products...

You want to promote your latest product... you need your own list or your own army of affiliates willing to promote your product to their lists...

You want to do a Joint Venture (JV) Promotion... you need your own list...

So the bottom line is if you want to make any steady money on the 'net, you need your own list!

The problem is, most traditional list-building techniques are slow acting.

A few of them, like pay-per-click can be quite expensive.

It can take months — even years — to build a sizable mailing list. Well, I didn't have months or years to develop my own mailing list.

I didn't have much money to pay for pay-per-click advertising. I didn't have a rolodex full of friends to call and ask them to do a JV promotion for me either.

In fact, when I was just starting out, I wasn't 100% sure I had a blockbuster product that every internet marketer would want to buy (or promote) either. (Remember, I was still learning how to become a full-time successful internet marketer).

And then one day, I stumbled upon something pretty amazing...

How Elite Marketers Have Flattened The Waiting Time
For Building Massive Mailing Lists To Practically Zero...

I started studying what 7 figure online marketers were doing. I figured that these smart marketers had already discovered a way to build a huge list fast.

I knew it had to be the size of their lists because I kept finishing in affiliate contests behind marketers who had huge subscriber lists.

It wasn't my conversion rates: My affiliate marketing efforts produced a high conversion rate every time. I just needed a larger list so I could get in contact with more potential buyers.

I figured the elite marketers who were winning contest after contest had to have some secret way to build their mailing list.

Boy was I right... There was one technique they were using that could build a big list in as little as 7 days!

It turns out that the “Marketing Elite” were building huge lists by running their own Giveaway Events.

So what's a Giveaway Event?

Quite simply, a “Giveaway” is an online membership site where you team up with other marketers and give stuff away for free.

And here's a big secret about using Giveaway Events...

It's Win-Win-Win for everyone!


FIRST, your subscribers Win because they will be getting a lot of stuff for Free...


SECOND, your contributors Win because they will be gaining new subscribers and making money at the same time...


THIRD, as the Giveaway Organizer, you will Win (big time!!) with your huge list of new subscribers and one time offer sales through your website! Those one-time sales can frequently become a 5 or even 6 figures added to your bank account.

Getting people to subscribe isn't as hard as it sounds because everyone loves getting things for free — especially top-quality ebooks, software, videos and more!

Of course, getting contributors can be a bit of work but I'll share a few tips a bit later on.

Now let me ask you...

Imagine If You Could Add 1,000... 10,000...
even 50,000 or More Hungry New Subscribers
to Your Current Mailing List...

...What would be the next thing you would market to them?

The simple answer is practically anything! The larger your list, the more money you can potentially make.

Here's a great example: My friend and fellow super affiliate Andrew Fox sent a simple email campaign to his list to promote a product called “StomperNet”. Thanks to his responsive list, Andrew single handedly made over $100,000 in sales.

Think about it... $100,000 just by sending some emails out. Affiliate marketing with an email list really is the lazy man's way to massive Internet riches!

Now telling you about other marketers success stories is easy to do. But how about the results I've achieved with email marketing only?

Here's just a small sampling* of my email marketing success...

Money Money Money Product Launch Formula (March 08) $49,925 In Sales

Money Money Money Membership Site Bootcamp (June. 08) - $10,520 In Sales

Money Money Money Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program (Nov. 08) - $11,528 In Sales

Money Money Money Commission Blueprint (Aug. 08) - $6,120 In Sales

Money Money Money Auto Pilot Profits (June 08) - $21,684 In Sales

Money Money Money 12 Month Millionaire (Oct. 07) - $8,341 In Sales

Money Money Money Golden Thread (Oct. 08) - $11,982 In Sales

Money Money Money Mass Control (Feb. 08) - $41,907 In Sales

Money Money Money PPC Classroom (June 08) - $5,446 In Sales

* All figures rounded to nearest dollar. My performance is not an indicator
of what you might be able to do with your own marketing efforts.

Remember, I couldn't make these numbers public if they weren't the truth. If I were lying, I'd be looking at some major legal problems that no one in their right mind would want to face. The fact of the matter is...

Here's a Peek at my Autoresponder Account:


“My current lists have over 111,000 confirmed subscribers and keeps growing each and every day.

Imagine how many subscribers I'll have in 1 year... 2 years... and beyond using my proven list-building methods.

(Hint: These lists will probably double, triple, or more in size!)

Using a Giveaway Event is the
Best Way to Kick-Start Your List...

Here's why giveaways work so well:

The internet is filled with billions of people searching for many different things. Only a very small amount of those searchers already have a relationship with you.

That's an important point to remember: People like doing business with those that they already have a relationship with.

Normally, if someone comes to your website and signs up for your newsletter/ezine/free online course then they have taken the first step towards getting to know you better.

They've decided to take a chance with you and hope you aren't some ruthless spammer who will blitz their inbox with an endless flood of hyped-up sales pitches.

As they get to know you better, they become more open to buying products from you. It might be your products... or someone else's that you've decided to promote.

You develop a relationship with them that's enjoyable for them. You become a welcome guest and not a spammy pest in their email inbox... they even make it a point to open your email and read it right away!

How does a giveaway event differ? For starters, they have been sent to that event by a marketer who they already have a relationship with. It's like that marketer decided to introduce you to each and every one of their subscribers as someone that they can trust.

Because a giveaway event involves multiple (sometimes hundreds of) marketers, your free offer is put in front of thousands of people all at once.

Their subscribers will come to the giveaway event site and sign up for your offering there...

And Your Mailing List Will Explode In Size!

The fact of the matter is, this type of massive influx of subscribers cannot really be achieved by any other method in as little as 7 days and so inexpensively.

If you've got FREE products that people can use, sell or give away, then you're holding the keys to building your own huge subscriber list ... with thousands of confirmed subscribers.

Todd Gross

Listen To Todd...
“I Picked Up Nearly 25,000 NEW SUBSCRIBERS From My Giveaway In Just Over a Month!”


I have to take a moment to thank you for creating Giveaway Riches and bringing attention to what I've been preaching for so many months.

First, I realized early on, that holding a giveaway would explode my list of leads. Indeed, I picked up nearly 25,000 new subscribers from my giveaway in just over a month.

Subsequent to that, I told one of THOSE newbie subscribers to hold a giveaway thanks to my success, after she asked me what was my #1 recommendation.

After careful planning for 3 months, her giveaway was also successful, with her list suddenly swelling into the thousands, and a newbie marketer suddenly on EVERYONE'S radar!

Giveaway Riches gives folks the tools they need to make this all a reality for anyone who wants to do the same :)”

Todd Gross

What would you pay to have a list size of 2,000 or 10,000 or even 50,000 subscribers in just 7 days? (The simple answer is A LOT.)

There's nothing close to bringing you virtually overnight success as much as running your own Giveaway event.

Of course...

Nothing Works Perfectly 100% of the Time...

Now let me tell you from first-hand experience that running your own giveaway event takes preparation. Not to mention there are some challenges you'll face too.

For instance, how do you set-up the technical aspect of a giveaway?

How do you find contributors to donate gifts?

Where does your traffic come from?

You need guidance to get things right the first time.

You need the insights gained by someone who has seen what can go right — and wrong — with a Giveaway event.

In fact...

If You're Going to Do Your Own Giveaway Event, then
You Need to Do It Right... or Don't Do the Event At All!

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh but you only have one chance to make a good impression.

If you don't do it correctly, the first time, you'll risk losing your credibility as an online marketer. Not only that, you could ruin any potential relationship you might have had with the Marketing Elite (those people who may become a contributor to your very own event) if you screw up.

You don't want that, do you?

Neither do I. I wouldn't want to see you fall flat on your face trying to do your Giveaway event.

Not when you could tap into all of the experience I've gained from the hundreds of hours of hands-on experience running my own Giveaway events...

Introducing “Giveaway Riches”...

My Complete A-to-Z Resource
For Creating and Launching Your
Own Six-Figure Giveaway Event!


When I decided to put together “Giveaway Riches”, I wasn't sure where to begin. I wasn't sure if I should stick to only the things I did right... or give the more complete story, including my own mistakes and blunders. After all, I've experienced both in the hundreds of hours in the giveaway trenches.

The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that I needed to share the full story. I will admit that I messed up a few times while mastering the giveaways... but I also learned some valuable lessons along the way.

The good news you don't have to learn the hard way. I've already made mistakes and learned the painful lessons so you don't have to.

I took everything I learned and put it together in a special manual that is designed with the online marketer in mind. Simply look up the stage you're in with your current giveaway... read my insights and advice... and you're ready to roll!

It's that easy.

Why is this important?

You don't have to take the time to research what resources or tools you need, because I've already done it for you...

You don't need to spend your hard-earned money testing any of my giveaway strategies, because I've already spent my money and a lot of time to test every part of my giveaway event strategies. Everything is 100% proven!

You can focus on doing what you really love: running a giveaway event that makes a big difference for you and your contributors (rather than the rigors of trying to build a mailing list over months or even years.)

This is what “Giveaway Riches” will do for you. But if you want to know exactly what you get with your copy, then...

Here's A Quick Peek Inside
Your Copy of “Giveaway Riches”...

How I discovered the most powerful list-building weapon in my arsenal... (Page 5)

The secret to finding top JV partners...

A never-revealed before secret on how I got 200 JV Partners with practically zero effort... (Page 17)

Two questions you need to ask yourself before you start (Page 11)

The #1 mistake that rookie marketers make with their sign-up pages that hammers their conversion rates. (Don't worry... just turn to page 54 for the answer!)

How much bandwidth will you need? Just turn to page 13 for a simple trick to figure out fast...

The #1 thing you must check for every contributor... Ignore this at your own peril! (page 37)

5 crucial things you must do before you invite JV Partners... (Page 14)

A simple mistake with your domain name that can sink your giveaway's chances before you even launch...

11 ways to get traffic to your giveaway site (Pages 31-37)

Autoresponder Secrets: What to put in your autoresponder system for customers, prospects, or JV partners. (Page 56)

Now, I realize you may be just starting out...

You may have little or no mailing list...

No real knowledge of internet marketing...

Little or no technical website skills...

Or very little money to work with...

None of those factors matter — If you use the proven strategies outlined in my “Giveaway Riches” manual!

Here are a few more examples of strategies that you'll discover ...

Six things you must do before you invite Members... (page 15)

2 powerful ways to turn freebie seekers into one-time offer buyers...

My secret formula for building excitement for your event before it goes live... Check it out on page 61!

Super Ninja Tip! Turn to Page 30 fast and you'll discover how to avoid being mistakenly labeled a spammer by your members (it happens more often than you would believe)!

How to keep your contributors happy so they keep promoting your event. (Page 24)

5 Vital forms that you must have on your website... Forget one and you'll need a case of aspirin for your massive headache! (Page 13)

Does Ebay work for getting traffic to your site? It depends. Turn to page 33 for the latest scoop!

FOUR Things you should include in every email you sent to your list to avoid SPAM complaints... (Page 41)

An early mistake that rookies overlook... make this one and your subscriber numbers will suffer...

And Much, Much More!

Until now you had to rely on your “gut instinct” for planning your own Giveaway Event. Can you imagine if you ran your own Giveaway — took in hundreds of contributors — and forgot a critical step like getting the contributors to promote your giveaway to their house lists?

It would be a complete disaster!

Believe it or not, this is perhaps the biggest complaint I've heard from many Giveaway owners.

Thanks to the step-by-step plan laid out in the “Giveaway Riches” manual you won't be faced with unexpected problems with these.

You'll rest easy at night knowing that you covered every angle when you set up your own giveaway event. You'll feel great knowing you just pulled your own giveaway off almost effortlessly.

“Okay Jason, Sounds Great... But What Do
I Need To Run My Own Giveaway Event?”

If you have the passion to want to succeed...

If you are motivated and want to quickly build a subscriber list of 2,000 or 10,000 or even 50,000 subscribers...

If you are willing to follow a strategic plan step-by-step and put it into action...

Then you're ready to do your own Giveaway Event!

You don't need a P.h.D in rocket science...

You don't need a cutting-edge computer either...

All you need to do is follow my Giveaway Riches system and you'll be on your way to success.

And here's one little secret most marketers haven't discovered yet...

How To Walk Into Any Niche... and
Wipe the Floor With Your Competition!

Giveaways have become very popular in the Internet marketing niche... but do they work in other niches?

Glad you asked.

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of niches that have never seen a giveaway event. The truth is, most niches don't have website owners with the marketing skills or expertise that you frequently see in the internet marketing niche.

Many times, it's casual folks who decided to put up a website about their favorite hobby or decided to write an ebook to help other people. They rarely know much about online marketing, list building, or most of the skills that internet marketers take for granted.

When a skilled marketer enters that niche, they have a major advantage. They know how to market their business effectively. They have a full arsenal of marketing weapons to use.

Charles Kirkland

Listen To Charles...
“My Niche Giveaway Brought In $2,187 and Added 1000's of New Subscribers To My List!”

“Hi Jason,

After reviewing your Giveaway Riches I decided to do a quick give away in one of my smaller DIY (Do It Yourself) niches and I was blown away by the results.

My little niche that I'm in typically only makes $40 or so dollars a week. But after setting up a quick giveaway with only a few partners my sales shot up to $2,187 and I added 1000's of new subscribers in only 2 weeks!

Charles Kirkland Screen Shot

This was as much as the entire site made in all of last year. Dude you rock!”

Charles Kirkland

In fact, when an experienced marketer goes into most niches, it's like...

...Bringing a Gun To A Knife Fight!

Think about it: You could launch a free giveaway in a brand-new niche and literally explode on the scene with a fresh hungry list while making money for you and your contributors at the same time!

Every niche you ran a free giveaway could give you a massive super targeted list. You can use that list to quickly:

  • Sell your own products...

  • Promote related affiliate products...

  • Easily land new JV deals because you have the
    massive list that every other marketer craves...

It's A Fact: Every smart business owner is trying to build a mailing list.

Why? For starters, it helps companies keep in touch with their customers and prospects. It opens the lock on future sales for years and years. It can take an ordinary business and lift it to exceptional new heights of prosperity.

Are you ready to accept the key that so many business owners desperately crave?

It takes a special key to unlock the lock of maximum profits and few people ever find it on their own. Opportunity is knocking... Isn't time you stepped forward and answered the door?

But don't take my word for it. Try “Giveaway Riches” yourself by reserving your copy right now and start putting what you discover to the test.

Whatever you do, I'm 100% confident that you will be more than thrilled with your copy of “Giveaway Riches”.

The only way to really tell is if you try it out for yourself.

of Hungry Subscribers Be Worth To You?

You could spend hundreds of dollars on training programs, manuals, and ebooks...

You could attend expensive out-of-town seminars with a panel of “guru” speakers...

You could enroll in exclusive one-on-one coaching programs...

And still not get access to the proprietary information I've put into “Giveaway Riches”!

If you had exclusive access to this type of sensitive information, what price tag would you put on a manual that showed the exact steps to follow to build mailing lists of 10,000 or more hungry subscribers — in any online niche?

At $37.00, I'm sure you'll agree this is a steal of a deal.

Think about it for a minute. If you consider the fact that you can make back this investment with just one subscriber buying your one-time-offer, then this small investment of just $37.00 is more than fair.

In fact, I plan on raising the price very soon so I urge you to grab your copy before it's too late.

Act Now and I'll Throw In The Following Bonuses...

If you act quickly you can get the following amazing bonuses...

BONUS #1 - Giveaway Riches
"Contributors" Guide ($27 Value)

“How To Be A Winning Contributor
To Any Giveaway Event

Bonus #1

I'll let you in a little Giveaway Secret: The KEY to success of your Giveaway event lies with the contributors.

As an organizer, you want to make sure that all your contributors know how to contribute in the best manner to your Giveaway event.

So I've written this essential step-by-step guide to help your contributors set up their site properly for your giveaway event.

If you plan to run your own giveaway event, then the “Giveaway Riches” Contributors Guide will be absolutely essential to your success. Your contributors will thank you!

BONUS #2 - Giveaway Riches "Swipe Files" ($47 Value)

“A Proven Collection Of Emails, Templates, and More!”

Bonus #2

Not sure what to write? No problem! You'll never need to worry what to write any more. Simply legally "swipe" the promotional emails straight from this ebook and start promoting to your lists straight away.

I've even included a "swipeable" version of the Terms and Conditions... Just use the versions included in the Swipe Files and just update your event details almost instantly!

A proven collection like this one has never been available before and will give you a powerful unique edge... It's yours FREE when you order "Giveaway Riches"!

BONUS #3 - List Care Tactics ($97 Value)

“My Insider Techniques For Maximum
Email Marketing Profits!”

Bonus #3

I almost didn't include List Care Tactics with “Giveaway Riches”. This manual could easily be a stand-alone product because it reveals my insider techniques to create, maintain, and profit with email marketing.

This is the "must read" manual for every Internet marketer. If you aren't using these proven techniques then you may be losing a small fortune!

This digital manual contains over 100 pages of hardcore information and covers everything you need to know to build your lists and to rake in profits from handling them correctly.

For example...

The secrets to transforming your subscriber list mailings into "must-read" material...
How to write the perfect messages to those on your lists...

Avoiding the dreaded list "fizzle". Simply use these techniques to keep your lists vibrant and profitable!

An in-depth case study of how to transform any list into a moneymaker!
All of my tips, tricks, secrets and tweaks that can give a novice list-builder the professional edge!

List Care Tactics is valued at $97 and offers some of my closely guarded secrets. But again, it's yours absolutely FREE when you order “Giveaway Riches”!

This is a powerfully profitable package. And you'll be able to use it, too, once you reserve a copy of my “Giveaway Riches”.

There's Just One Important Condition...

I do not want to sell this product to just anyone.

This is extremely valuable information that you are about to learn. It's the type of information that has enabled me to build my own 7 figure empire in a relatively short time. So if you aren't serious about developing your own successful online business then please do not buy this product. It's really that simple. I'm sorry if this sounds a little harsh, but please understand. This information is extremely valuable to those who want learn how to use the awesome power of giveaways to build a huge list and boost their bottom line.

The thing is, even when opportunity knocks, you still have to get up and open the door. Are you ready to take action today for your future success?

If so, then let me sweeten the pot even more by taking all the risk away...

My 100% No Questions Asked,
Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee!

There's nothing worse than buying a product that makes big promises and then doesn't keep it's word. I prefer to offer products that exceed expectations and over-deliver with valuable content.

So here's what I suggest:

Simply study the entire program... take some notes as you're reading. Then take my program and use it in your own business.

Take up to 56 days or 8 full weeks to “go for a test drive” and prove just how valuable this information really is. If you aren't convinced by then that this program has delivered everything that I said it would or more then let me know and I will gladly refund every penny.

Fair enough?

Jason James

Let's recap what you get in your “Giveaway Riches” Package...

bullet The “Giveaway Riches” Manual
bullet BONUS #1: FREE Giveaway Riches “Contributors” Guide
bullet BONUS #2: FREE Giveaway Riches “Swipe Files“
bullet BONUS #3: FREE Giveaway Riches “Insiders Techniques“

This is really your key to unlocking the locked door that is holding you back.

If you can unlock that door, then you can unleash a powerful stream of new hungry subscribers coming into your business.

Join us and gain a competitive edge over marketers that keep using outdated marketing methods. And since “Giveaway Riches” is a digitally downloaded product, you could start applying my Giveaway Secrets literally within minutes of receiving it!

Simply grab your copy of “Giveaway Riches” for just $37.00 and get started on your way to having your own massive subscriber lists of 2,000 or 10,000, or even 50,000+ subscribers in as little as 7 days.

To Your Future Success,

Jason James

Jason James
Author of Giveaway Riches


YES, Jason! I'm Want To Add Thousands Of Subscribers To My Mailing List. I'm Ready To Join The Marketing Elite Thanks To “Giveaway Riches”!

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Chris Vendilli

Listen To Chris...
“My First Giveaway Gained 2,000 Responsive New Double Opt-In Subscribers and My One Time Offer Brought in Over $2,000”


Thanks for turning me on to the secret world of internet giveaways...

I contributed to a few giveaways before, but I never dreamed of hosting one until your step-by-step approach in Giveaway Riches literally walked me right through it...

I always thought it would be too difficult to host my own giveaway but you made it so easy I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner.

In my first ever giveaway I gained 2,000 responsive new double opt-in subscribers and my one time offer brought in just over $2,000...

... and the kicker is...


Running my own giveaway is something I'm gonna do time & time again from now on to keep pumping up my list.

Making some fast cash off of my giveaway's backend one time offer was great too, but the coolest thing of all is now I have this growing list I can keep mailing.


Chris Vendilli

Brett Ingram

Listen To Brett...
“A 'Must-Have' For Serious
List Building”


You've really captured everything a marketer needs to know to run a successful giveaway and add 1,000s of new subscribers with Giveaway Riches.

Having run a number of successful giveaways myself, I highly recommend your product and will definitely tell my subscribers to grab it as a 'must-have' for serious list building”

Brett Ingram

Dave Offen

“I'm Sure My Event Would Not Have Been Half As Successful For Me, My Contributors or Members Without the Help of Giveaway Riches”

“Hi Jason,

I've been contributing to Giveaway Events for a while now, so I decided to run an event of my own. Boy was I glad to have seen your Giveaway Riches before I dove in head first!

The advice on quality control was INVALUABLE and being pre-warned of the problems I could run in to really smoothed the way.

I'm sure my event would not have been half as successful for me, my contributors or members without the help of Giveaway Riches.

Such was the success that I am planning on running events on different topics every few months now. Thanks again”

Dave Offen

Shannon Lueck

Listen To Shannon...
“Giveaway Riches Is
Absolutely Amazing!”


Giveaway Riches is absolutely amazing!

I've seen many giveaways over the last few years and always thought to myself, 'imagine the list you would have after having one of these. Imagine the possibilities this creates.' No more imagining for me :)

After going through Giveaway Riches I am absolutely floored at everything you tell us... you went through everything we need to know to have a successful giveaway in any market we choose!

I loved how you not only revealed those things that were successful for you but also those things that were mistakes! Now I have concrete examples on what to avoid!

Thank you so much Jason for giving me the opportunity to explode my list in days instead of months or (oh, don't say it...years)!”

Shannon Lueck

Kevin Riley

Listen To Kevin...
“Sure Could Have Used Your Giveaway Checklist - It's Fantastic!”


Now you come out with this, after we did our giveaway event. Sure could have used this checklist - it's fantastic!

Page 13 was an eye opener. I hadn't even thought of that, just got lucky we didn't make that mistake. Phew! That Guarding Yourself from page 39 is a must read!

Not reading that is like flying by the seat of your pants, and if you're lucky you won't crash or catch some flak”

Kevin Riley

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Phone 702-552-2875

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