Disclaimer: This is the online salesletter I wrote for the CopyDoodles product in late 2007. The product has since been changed in both content and price.

This sales letter is being shared as a portfolio sample and not as a method to order any of the CopyDoodles product line. For more information on the current CopyDoodles product, please visit their site at www.copydoodles.com


FINALLY! A Copywriting Breakthrough Guaranteed
To Supercharge Your Copy And Boost Response —
Without Changing A Single Word…

“Now You Too Can Quickly Increase Your
Conversion Rates With Our Easy-To-Use,
Hand-Drawn Sales Boosters — Perfect For
Your Ads, Direct Mail Marketing Packages, & More!”

From The Desk of: Michael Capuzzi

Dear Response-Seeking Marketer,

I’m not going to waste your time or mine. In just a moment, you will learn about one of the biggest breakthroughs for copywriters and direct response marketers in years.

If your sales letters aren’t getting the level of response you think you should be getting, then read on…

There's an amazing, easy-to-use tool that is unlike anything on the market today.

A "secret weapon" that — within 90 seconds of reading this — you can use to improve your response rates without changing a single word of your copy.

In fact, I honestly believe this is the type of information that will change the way you create your sales letters and direct response projects... FOREVER!

But before I do, I need to share a personal story with you and give credit where credit is due.

For years, I have been writing sales copy for clients and for years, I have been bugging my wife to create custom graphics in order to "doodle-up" my various projects.

You see, as an eternal student of copywriting and direct response legends, I know how powerful these little handwritten notes and graphics are for "creating attention-grabbing personality" in my marketing. As copywriting guru Dan Kennedy says, “Never be boring to your reader” and adding these little notes and graphics added variety and marketing spice to ordinary marketing pieces.

My wife’s handwriting is much better than mine, so I started asking her to write them out for me. Before long, I was adding doodles to all of my marketing projects and asking my wife to help me create them for me.

My collection kept growing: Doodles, powerful expressions, emotional triggers, and countless more. Before I knew it, I had hundreds of these "copy doodles" on my computer to use in my copywriting arsenal.

It wasn’t until a recent GKIC Peak Performers meeting that I had my big "A-HA" moment. I was showing off a sales letter that I had written for a client when fellow member, Ben Glass saw it.

He Did a Double Take and Then Started Bombarding Me With Questions…

“Mike, what are those things?”

“Oh, those are just doodles. I’ve been using them for years.”

“Where did you get them?”

“I made them myself.”

“Made them, huh? How many of those doodles do you have?”

“Ben, I don’t know. I’ve been making them and using them for years… I probably have hundreds… maybe even thousands of them. I just grab one of them and put it where I need it in the sales letter.”

“How much would you charge me to put a bunch of those doodles on a CD?

“They’re not for sale. Nobody would want them anyway… It’s just something I use with my clients.”

"Mike, you need to sell these… IMMEDIATELY. Now, how much for a CD of those doodles..?"


Why Was Ben So Excited About These Doodles?
Weren’t They Just a Bunch of “Clip Art?”

Not a chance! You see, using hand-drawn graphics is a proven response rate booster… but few copywriters and marketers use them. And even those that do often use poorly designed ones that look bad.

Today, people are bombarded with tons of sales messages. Worse, most sales letters and marketing campaigns appear to be from the same cookie-cutter mold. You could put these poorly designed marketing pieces next to each other — cross out the business name — and you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!

Well, one way to get your marketing to stand out is to give it an interesting and attention-grabbing look. Almost 20 years ago, the late legendary copywriter Gary Halbert started stressing the importance of creating letters that “have an interesting look” to engage the reader and one of the most effective ways to grab your reader by his eyeballs is to use simulated handwriting.

For years, the only way to add simulated handwriting to sales letters and marketing projects meant several options — none of them were particularly desirable.

Old Option #1: Hiring an expensive graphics designer and hoping they knew what graphic elements to use to boost response — and not just leave you with a pretty piece of marketing that didn’t make any sales…
Old Option #2: Using an expensive offset printing company to add simulated handwriting to your sales letter. Then they would print out all of your sales letters for you and hand you a massive bill too…
Old Option #3: Writing by hand on one original sales letter and photocopying it over and over. Of course, you would lose a major response booster — a sales letter addressed to each person — and if you had a poor quality photocopier, then your copies could look pretty shoddy…

The only other option was to personally write on every sales letter — and that was a lot of extra work. If you were doing a mailing to 5,000 customers, then it could take you days to sign and “scribble up” each one!

So Ben knew he didn’t want to handcraft every single envelope or letter he would mail to his list. He didn’t want the added expense of using a graphics designer to do this for him either.

But if he could use some of my doodles, he could create the appearance of personal correspondence. After all, who can resist reading a letter that looks like it was personalized to them? Practically no one!

Needless to say, Ben turned on the idea light bulb for me. If he was this excited about a quick and easy way to add hand-drawn graphics to his marketing… then how many other marketers would be too?

I rushed home and checked my computer. Sure enough, I had hundreds of these doodles that I had created for my client projects. I even had them in different colors.

Here’s the good news: I decided to take my private collection and make them publicly available to everyone…

Introducing CopyDoodles™…

Thousands of Hand-Drawn Symbols, Words, Expressions, &
Emotional Triggers…Just Drop Them into Your Copywriting
Projects & Boost Your Response INSTANTLY!

Do CopyDoodles really work?

You bet. I know they do because I have used them for my paying consulting clients to improve their marketing results fast.

Until now creating such high quality graphics would mean you had to hire an expensive graphic designer or experience the pain of doing it yourself.

Here's the good news…

CopyDoodles saves you countless hours of creating your own hand-drawn graphic enhancements. They’re extremely easy to use and customizable for your projects.

Don’t believe me? Well…

Watch How Fast I Take An Ordinary Sales Letter and Make It Exceptional!


Learn How a Few Simple Tweaks to a “Ho-Hum” Postcard… and
Makes It Into a World-Class Looking Postcard!

Now that’s not just marketing B.S. — CopyDoodles work because they make your marketing feel more personal to the reader. That’s one of the biggest keys to sales copy that works: connecting with the reader so they feel like you understand them.

Simply choose the CopyDoodle you want to use… which color you want it in… drop it into your marketing piece and you’re done! But don’t just take my word — Here’s what a few CopyDoodles fans say:

Even BLAND Copy Can Get Great Results When You Use Mike Capuzzi's Cutting-Edge Graphics!

"What I love most about CopyDoodles is it adds an element of the human touch in a very high-tech world.

Some of the old slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am techniques of the past simply aren't working in today's more authentic and relationship-driven world.

CopyDoodles helps transcend that chasm.

(As a professional copywriter, I shouldn't be telling you this, but the truth even BLAND copy can get great results when you use Mike Capuzzi's cutting-edge graphics, CopyDoodles. So when you add this element to GOOD or even GREAT copy, you have a one-two punch sure to get you massive results.)"

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Dan Kennedy calls CopyDoodles Brilliant!

"I liked CopyDoodles the minute I saw it. This is a great tool.

It's simple. It facilitates speed.

It has captured and made easy-to-use many graphic and cosmetic techniques that all savvy copywriters use to help guide readers through long copy, create interest and involvement, and boost readership and response.

As they say in the Guinness® beer commercials - brilliant!"

Dan S. Kennedy
Author, The Ultimate Sales Letter

“I’ve Seen a 27% Increase In Response…”

"CopyDoodles has allowed me to improve the results of my direct response mail pieces by focusing the readers attention in a way I couldn't do before.

Mailing to similar lists before and after CopyDoodles, I've seen a 27% increase in response even for the short time I've been able to use it. I wouldn't think about sending any of my letters, postcards, or other printed marketing materials without using CopyDoodles... it's opened up new results to me that I have never seen before. And it's SO simple to use!"

Charles Seymour, Jr

Eric Doubled His Sales By Using CopyDoodles!

"I am using CopyDoodles on everything I send out now and it’s boosting response, generating sales and making my campaigns more fun for me and my clients!

My clients call me up ready to buy!

Here's a great example…

I am a professional magician and needed to alert my list about my new summer reading program for libraries. It's a small, highly qualified list, 336 librarians to be exact. I did a great 3-step campaign loaded with CopyDoodles and the fabulous hand-written font.

So far, and they are just receiving the 3rd step today, I have booked 85 libraries!!! And believe me, many more will be coming in. Look at that compared to last year's mailing campaign with the same numbers and I only booked 42 by this time. That's DOUBLE the closed-sale rate. Not response rate, but solid, cash-in-the-bank sales!

Eric Paul
Professional Magician

Here's 10 Reasons Why People Are Raving About CopyDoodles…

  • Makes copywriting fun!
  • Killer method to make your sales letter look like you personally wrote right to your reader!
  • Hand-drawn notes grab your reader’s eyeballs… and lead them to your order button!
  • Creates a double readership path — perfect for catching the eye of speed readership…
  • FACT: Hand-written triggers increase response…
  • So easy to use… Even a five year old can use CopyDoodles!
  • No B.S. or fluff… CopyDoodles were created by a professional marketing consultant and copywriter for his real world clients!
  • Ends the bad habit of using more boring, cookie-cutter appearance copy for any of your marketing projects…
  • Hundreds of “done-for-you” doodles save you time…
  • Add new life to your tired old sales letters in just seconds!

Every thing has been done for you. There's no graphics to try to make yourself. You don't need to hire an expensive graphic designer either. CopyDoodles is a complete collection of hand-drawn conversion-boosting weapons for increasing response rates fast!

In fact...

There’s Nothing Like CopyDoodles On The Market Today!

One delighted customer called CopyDoodles "clip art for copywriters." In a sense, she's right... but CopyDoodles are much more than a collection of "clip art."

CopyDoodles includes thousands of hand-drawn doodles and hand-written direct response phrases and expressions.

Over the course of decades these direct response triggers have been proven to work by some of the greatest copywriters who have ever lived.

Wanna see a few of them in action?

Pretty neat, huh? With CopyDoodles, you can personalize your sales letters and make them look like you wrote directly to your contact. And you don't need any fancy software or hardware.

CopyDoodles are digital files that you can instantly drop into your sales copy. Just open your marketing piece in your word processor or newsletter design software (works with Word, Publisher, Quark and more!).

Every graphic file has been optimized for printing on home/small office printers. They are even high enough quality to take to your professional printer too!

In fact, CopyDoodles will…

Add New Life and Boost Response to Your
Current Marketing Pieces Without Changing a Single Word!

Imagine having a collection of hundreds of these CopyDoodles at your finger tips that you can easily and instantly drop into your projects.

Do you think you can add a new level of response-inducing energy to your copy?

The Easiest Way To Create a Personal Feel In Your Sales Copy!

"As the marketing heavyweights and experienced copywriters know so well, a personal feeling in your written communications always produces better results than the all too common ‘slick’ look.

The easiest way I've seen to help create the 'me to you' look in your sales letters, websites, and ads, is with CopyDoodles."

Ted Nicholas
Legendary Direct Response Marketer

“…Converting 90% of my Book Sales to Platinum Upgrade!”

“What an amazing and incredibly easy to use product!

Adding CopyDoodles to my e-book sales page has made a dramatic difference in response.

By using some well-placed “doodles” my prospects are drawn like magnets to my copy and in the short time I’ve been using it, I am now converting 90% of my book sales to Platinum upgrade!”

Jim Palmer

“… the Biggest Enhancement in the Last 10 Years For People Writing Copy…”

"This is probably the biggest enhancement I have seen in the last 10 years for people that are writing copy for bumping the response and making the copy much more interesting.

“I highly recommend this product. We are using CopyDoodles extensively here at Glazer-Kennedy and I don't know what we would do without it."

Bill Glazer
President, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle

"Mike Capuzzi has just made Incredibly Realistic Looking Hand Written Notes, Doodles, and Drawings a Breeze…"

"Mike Capuzzi has just made incredibly realistic looking hand written notes, doodles, and drawings a breeze for even a techo-Neanderthal like me to create.

“No need for putzing back and forth with graphic designers.

Just slip in your CopyDoodles disk and give your copy an electrifyingly personal touch that reaches out and grabs your readers by the eyeballs, practically forcing them to read your copy. I'm impressed!"

Daniel Levis
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

Super Easy and Super Fast to Use!

Within seconds getting CopyDoodles, you can be using them. If you know how to insert a digital picture into your copywriting project, you know how to use CopyDoodles.

The beauty of CopyDoodles is the simplicity.

There is absolutely no learning curve. You can focus on one thing and one thing only: IMPROVING YOUR COPY!

6 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Try CopyDoodles Today…

Add new life and energy to tired copy without having to change a single word. There's no better, faster, more cost-effective way to generate new life out of your copy!
Saves you hours and hours of time. I have done the hard work for you. CopyDoodles enables you grab your readers by their eyeballs and get them to read your copy the way you want them to!
CopyDoodles are great for sparking fresh ideas. I have heard from several CopyDoodles customers that just having the vast library of triggers, phrases, and expressions gets their copywriting juices flowing.
CopyDoodles are fun to use! Be careful though, using CopyDoodles can become addictive.
CopyDoodles can save you thousands of dollars in expensive graphic design fees.
CopyDoodles are digitally processed to have a hand-drawn and hand-written look to them, especially when you overlay them on top of your copy (a feature of CopyDoodles’ transparent backgrounds). This unbelievable level of realism adds a unique look and feel typically unavailable until now.

How Much Should Something Like CopyDoodles Cost?

Given the success I’ve had with CopyDoodles and the amount of time we’ve invested in creating the thousands of CopyDoodles, we should be charging much, much more.

However, I want as many people to benefit from CopyDoodles as possible. That's why I am making them available at a mere fraction of what it would cost you to create them on your own.

It has taken me hundreds and hundreds of hours to create this top-notch package.

Let's face it: If it cost $1,000, it would be worth every penny just so you could get your hands on a tool which will SAVE you thousands of dollars of time and GENERATE tons of profit-producing response!

The good news is that it is NOT $1,000… or $500…. Or even $300!

I'm not going to charge anywhere close to that because I want every one who is serious about boosting their copywriting response to be able to afford this one-of-a-kind tool.

The entire CopyDoodles Professional Edition - Volume One package is only $247 for the CD-ROM & printed book version.

"Mike, What About The Bonuses?"

I don’t know about you, but I really dislike seeing sales letters that pile on a bunch of useless bonuses with over-inflated "values" to convince you to buy.

So instead, if you invest in CopyDoodles, I'm going to give you six bonuses…. but they’re gonna be awfully good ones. In other words… these are some real gems here that you can get some big value from.

Bonus #1: Instant Download of My
Top 25 CopyDoodles (Value: Start Doodling Right Away!)

Because the CopyDoodles library is so large, we have to ship it to you on a CD-ROM. However, I know you will want to start using CopyDoodles right away, so as soon as you invest in CopyDoodles, you will be sent a download link to download my personal favorite set of CopyDoodles. I know you are going to like these!!!

Bonus #2: 5 CustomDoodles! (Value: $239.40)

Even though the CopyDoodles library is extensive, there may be times you need your own customized CopyDoodle for a particular project. I call these CustomDoodles and if you order today, you will be entitled to receive up to five free CustomDoodles during the next year!

Bonus #3: My "10 Amazing Ways To Boost
Response With CopyDoodles" Book (Value: $19.95)

As part of your tool kit, I am going to send you a printed copy of my "10 Amazing Ways To Boost Response With CopyDoodles" book, which reveals how you can start immediately putting CopyDoodles to use!

This book also includes a complete thumbnail printout of all the CopyDoodles included in this volume for easy review.

Bonus #4: Matching TrueType
CopyDoodles Fonts (Value: $150.00)

I will also include two professionally designed TrueType fonts that match this version of CopyDoodles. You will be able to use these fonts to create matching copy for your projects. I will include both the Mac and PC versions.

Bonus #5: My Ultimate Copywriting Checklist (Value: $97.00)

You’ll get the same 8 page checklist that I use when I write copy for my clients. It is a great resource and tool to make sure you are not missing anything!

Bonus #6: My Essential Copywriting
Design Techniques ebook (Value: $27.00)

This ebook covers all the essential copywriting design techniques the masters use to enhance their copy and make it really stand out.

My 100% Risk-Free “No Plain Vanilla” Guarantee

Your success in using CopyDoodles is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my 100% Rock-Solid Promise to you.

CopyDoodles will make your copy stand out! If you aren't 100% satisfied for any reason in the first 60 days, simply send your CopyDoodles kit back to me and I will refund your money immediately with no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to risk!!!

Let's Recap… Here’s Everything You
Get With Your Own Set of CopyDoodles…

You’ll be delighted to learn that your copy of the CopyDoodles Professional Edition - Volume One contains:

  • 565 black CopyDoodles
  • 565 blue CopyDoodles
  • 565 red CopyDoodles
  • 1,695 CopyDoodles optimized for the Web
  • 29 BONUS CopyDoodles
  • Video tutorials
  • Two CopyDoodles TrueType fonts (Mac & PC)
  • Certificate for five free CustomDoodles
  • Printed copy of my "10 Amazing Ways To Boost Response With CopyDoodles" book
  • PDF of my Ultimate Copywriting Checklist
  • My "Essential Copywriting Design Techniques" ebook

You get all of the above (over 3,400 doodles + $533.35 in bonuses) for the unbelievably low investment of $247.00 delivered on a single CD-ROM.

Don’t Wait… Grab Your Copy of CopyDoodles Right Now!

Order Button Went Here

(Nervous about ordering online? Don’t worry! I made sure that
getting your copy of CopyDoodles is fast, easy, and 100% safe & secure.)

It's easy to get started right away. Just click here and you can have immediate access to CopyDoodles right on the spot. Order now!

Yours for Higher Conversions,

Mike Capuzzi
Creator, CopyDoodles

P.S. You can spend countless hours learning how to create your own graphics... spend thousands of dollars running marketing tests to discover which graphics boost your response rates (and which ones don't)… or you can grab CopyDoodles instead.

P.P.S. According to master copywriter Clayton Makepeace, "If you're a business owner, marketing pro or copywriter, good graphic design is absolutely essential to producing peak response to your sales promotions. I've seen poor design cut sales by half or even more. Conversely, I've seen stronger graphic design bump response by 20% or even more." Don't wait to get some response boosters of your own... simply grab your own copy of CopyDoodles right now!

P.P.P.S. One of the most frequently mentioned comments by CopyDoodles customers is how quick and easy they are to use. They simply choose from over 3,400 proven response boosting Doodles and add them to their own marketing for a quick lift to their conversion rates. Just think how much time you will save too when you start using CopyDoodles to boost your own advertising and marketing.