Dear Friend,

Imagine for a moment it’s a perfect, sunny Tuesday morning in the year 2016.

You head out the door to grab a fresh cup of coffee from your favorite coffeehouse.

As you’re driving there, you notice something very different about the commute this time…

No one’s on the road with you. It’s eerily quiet.

The road used to be filled with near accidents, traffic jams and other drivers locked in a mad race to see who would get to work first… and now it’s completely empty.

No more smoke-belching, beat-up cars… No more waiting in traffic… No more road rage.

Instead, just complete silence.

What’s changed?

Well, in 2016, almost no one heads into work anymore. Everyone works from a “virtual office” instead. Today you’ll learn about the one company that’s providing the solution to making these “virtual offices” a reality.

The next few moments will give you a glimpse of the future that’s filled with epic destruction of old industries, and the rise of new technologies and innovation.

Of course, you’ll also see how this adds up to produce the best investment opportunities of our lifetime.

The death of the daily commutes and office life is just one example. There’s even more upheaval coming...

In total, I’ve found four under-the-radar companies — a modern-day “Four Horsemen of Disruptive Technology” — that are delivering massive consumer and business lifestyle changes.

And like the biblical Four Horsemen, these companies will enter the marketplace and destroy the competition. These disruptive tech companies could change the consumer and business markets forever.

These technology breakthroughs are complete game changers for consumers and businesses. And as these tech breakthroughs grow in popularity, the companies behind them massively profit.

In fact, they could make a select group of investors...

In the past two years alone, a select group of investors has enjoyed a portfolio increase of 107% from just three similar

But as respectable as that might be... we’re predicting even bigger profits from these Four Horsemen companies!

If you can spare a few minutes, I’ll tell you about the first one...

For more than 10 years, this tech company has been producing cutting-edge graphic technology.

Their tech is used in a wide range of products... from smart phones to supercomputers... laptops to desktop computers... cellphones

The company holds more than 2,300 patents world-wide, so their “invention well” isn’t running dry anytime soon.

Speaking of patents, this tech company recently announced a new graphic processing unit (or GPU for short). This GPU technology is a complete game-changer for consumers and businesses.

For investors, it’s even better. This new GPU technology could be the key to cashing in on potential double-digit gains!

You see, this revolutionary graphic platform lets up to 100 people share applications and data on a single cloud server at the same time.

Telecommuting will no longer be a perk for a few employees... it will be an option for almost every employee!

Employees will love that they can...

This company could change everything you think you knew about commuting.

No more filling up gas tanks every three days. No more sitting in traffic for hours. No more tire rotations and oil changes for normal wear and tear.

But it’s not just virtual offices that this company is set to deliver.

Here’s where the big profit explosion happens...

Right now, countless businesses are spending billions of dollars on IT support every year.

Every single computer in their business has to be kept up to date with the latest anti-virus software... security updates... operating systems... business applications.

But not with this GPU working with cloud computing servers.

In fact, a recent survey of the health care, government, and education markets revealed 84% had cut their IT expenses by using cloud computing!

Companies don’t have to pay for the amount of capacity or licenses they think they will need for the coming year... they can just pay for what they use instead!

Here’s another little golden nugget for you: Microsoft has a right of first and last refusal deal to buy this company.

If a bigger company makes an offer to buy 30% or more of this company’s common stock, tech giant Microsoft has the option to match the offer.


Because this company’s tech is critical for Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8. This tech is critical for laptops, tablets and computers that need supercharged graphic abilities too.

Of course, news about a possible buyout would quickly spread like wildfire in the media, and share prices would quickly skyrocket.

But even if a buyout doesn’t happen... this company is still well positioned for future growth, with over $900 million in cash.

I’ll tell you how to learn the name of this company in just a moment.

But right now, I can’t wait to tell you about ...

Maybe you’ve heard the term “big data” before...

Put simply, many business, research and public sector groups are turning to high-performance computers to run complex applications and work on extremely hard-to-solve problems. Here’s an example...

One of the recent tech breakthroughs is a gigapixel supercamera.

These supercameras provide up to 1,000% better resolution than traditional camera film.

To do so, they use 98 identical microcameras in unison, each armed with its own set of optics and a 14-megapixel sensor. A specially designed electronic processing unit stitches together each microcamera’s partial image into a giant image.

In the near future, these supercameras could be used on our roads and highways. They’ll spot an accident when it happens and alert the police, fire stations and ambulances to help.

When a traffic jam happens, these supercameras combined with other cloud-connected systems like overhead electronic signs could detour drivers miles before they reach the traffic jam!

These supercameras will need help storing, managing and transmitting their data streams... That’s “big data.”

Here’s another example...

A single cell in the human body contains about 3 gigabytes of DNA data. That’s about 5,000 books — each 300 pages long!

That’s “big data.”

Of course, that’s just one human body cell... The human body contains trillions of these cells.

Quite simply, the world’s best supercomputers are looking for enough “juice” to process the astronomical amount of data DNA contains.

When it comes to getting optimal processing speed, supercomputers need to use multiple processor cores to access data faster.

The problem is the more often the processor cores have to access data from where it is stored instead of the supercomputer’s memory, the more their operations slow down.

That’s where our second horseman comes inThe Conqueror of Big Data!

This company has a major technological advantage.

It’s created tech which allows processors to share up to 16 times greater memory space than what is offered by their competition!

Here’s what else businesses love about this amazing computing tech: It saves them a lot of money.

You see, businesses won’t have to buy new operating systems for all of their computers. Their current computers could still run their existing operating systems while using this company’s proprietary memory access technology.

This company has a virtual who’s who customer list.

In the U.S., NASA has been a longtime customer. Their Kepler space telescope is powered by this company’s technology.

In 2011, Kyoto University’s Institute for Chemical Research used this company’s technology to store and analyze the massive amounts of data compiled in one of the largest gene databases in the world.

Then there’s 3M.

With over 40,000 active products, it shouldn’t be a surprise they use this company’s computing technology.

Thanks to this tech edge, 3M is able to redesign and renovate their product prototypes and designs even faster. They can even run multiple test projects at the same time!

These are just a few well-known companies and institutes that have turned to this tech company for big data help.

To help you get started, I’ve written up all the details on BOTH of these horseman in a new special report, Four Horsemen of Disruptive Technology: How to See Gains From Tomorrow’s Best Ideas.

Inside, you’ll discover the stories behind each one of these companies, how they’re set up to disrupt entire industries, change the future, solve our most pressing problems and... most importantly... potentially bring you a fortune in the process.

I’ll gladly send you a free copy of this report. All I’d like in return is for you to agree to sample my technology research.

But first, let me introduce myself as...

Hi, my name is Patrick Cox.

I’ve been active in the technology industries since the early 1980s. Not to brag, but I’ve been featured in CBNC, USA Today and InfoWorld. I’ve written for The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the Los Angeles Times.

I’ve even appeared on Crossfire and Nightline.

Despite my decorated resume, however, I “quit” the world of mainstream journalism four years ago.

Now I head up a small, private technology research team.

Each month, we report our findings in a letter we call Technology Profits Confidential.

Our letter has one simple goal: to give you a proven way to profit from tech companies poised to shake the world to its core... and deliver you spectacular gains in the process.

How have we done?

In a moment, I’ll show you our track record so you’ll be able to decide for yourself.

But before we get there, I have two more horsemen to introduce you to...

On the surface, this breakout candidate might appear a little boring. You see, this company makes glass... all kinds of it.

But this “vanilla” company has developed something revolutionary — a new glass technology — that will affect almost every category of consumer purchases.

Here’s an example...

Recently, Microsoft applied for a patent on a new type of portable device. The patent describes a device with a transparent display that folds over to cover the second display — making it possible to view

However, they need the display screen to make it happen.

Combine Microsoft’s idea with the new lightweight, flexible glass this company makes... and their 3-D portable device comes to life!

Desktop computers... wristwatches... mobile devices... automobiles and countless other products will quickly move to adopt this new tech.

Like traditional glass, this new type of glass is both scratch-resistant and heat-resistant...

But that’s where the similarities end.

The new glass is 20% lighter than ordinary glass — but even more durable.

It’s extremely heat-resistant — up to 500° C!

It’s extremely flexible — you could even roll it up into a tube!

It’s thinner than ordinary glass — about the thickness of a sheet of paper!

But this glass still provides a moisture-proof tight seal for sensitive components — without losing any of its excellent optical, thermal and surface properties!

The possibilities for this new glass are endless:

Here’s one possibility we could see happening...

In 2006, Apple started using Gorilla Glass for all many of their products’ screen displays.

Gorilla Glass is more scratch- and damage-resistant than traditional plastic displays... but this new glass blows Gorilla Glass away!

You see, this lightweight glass is designed to excel with an electronic touch screen. And because it’s so flexible, it’s also a strong moisture-proof seal to protect moisture and oxygen-sensitive electronics.

Now, Apple isn’t publicly saying if the next generation of iPads and iPhones will take advantage of this new glass tech.

But if they do switch to this new flexible, ultra-durable glass, then the potential sales explosion for this tech company could be immense.

This is just one example of the truly breakthrough products coming in the near future.

Tablet and smartphone manufacturers are constantly trying to create smaller, lighter and more mobile computing devices — and using this scratch-resistant glass tech will help them do exactly that!

Most investors have been ignoring this company — It’s not a flashy stock they can brag to their friends and family about.

But not us... We don’t care about flashy stocks — we prefer under-the-radar companies like this one.

In fact, we’ll give you the full scoop on this long-standing glass company and their new breakthrough tech in our Four Horsemen of Disruptive Technology: How to See Gains From Tomorrow’s Best Ideas! report.

And then there’s...

Due to the growing size of software applications and the amount of business-related data they need to store, every type of business has a data storage problem.

In certain industries where the businesses are doing 3-D mapping, biomedical research and other big data work... their data-storage needs are growing like an out-of-control inferno!


In the current economy, the infernolike growth of data needs has put a huge strain on many companies’ IT budgets.

According to IDC, spending on public IT cloud services will skyrocket from $16.5 billion in 2009 to more than $55 billion in 2014.

That’s an average growth rate of 27% per year... and that’s not counting private cloud-service spending!

As data storage needs increase, businesses and people will switch to the cloud services providing the “pay as you go” software and infrastructure they need.

And this “data” company is perfectly positioned.

Since 2002, their business has grown fivefold — thanks to two distinct sales channels.

The first channel is direct equipment sales.

But the second sales channel is where we see the biggest bang for the investing buck.

This company sells their cloud-service apps to even bigger companies like IBM, Oracle and Teradata.

These bigger companies turn around and offer private cloud services under their own brand names.

And thanks to their distinct sales channels, the under-the-radar companies are sitting pretty.

They offer the very best solution and cost savings for secure data storage directly or resold under bigger tech company names!

I’ll tell all about this company with staggering growth potential in Four Horsemen of Disruptive Technology.

As I told you earlier, I’d like to give you your own copy of this advanced report simply for agreeing to take my newsletter Technology Profits Confidential for a test drive.

Before I show you how to claim your free copy, I have a small confession to make.

Until now, I haven’t shared an important little secret of mine...

I have an ace in the hole... my own secret weapon. He’s my co-editor Ray Blanco.

Chances are, you knew a supersmart guy like Ray when you were a kid. I’m talking about the kid who was happier spending time getting smarter than playing sports.

This describes Ray perfectly. By the time Ray was 10, he was writing computer code on his Timex Sinclair 1000.


By age 14... he was building a “Wilson Cloud Chamber” for detecting particles of ionizing radiation.

From there, it was a natural next step into advanced robotics... avionics... genomics... biotechnology. With more than 15 years of experience in IT, Ray has a formidable level of expertise to draw from.

Quite simply, Technology Profits Confidential is something Ray and I absolutely love writing.

Each month, we tell our subscribers about underappreciated companies with big innovations that could transform existing industries...

... And we do it in a way that is easy to understand too.

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what a few of my readers had to say...

“You do an amazing job in analyzing technology. You are better than The New York Times tech reporter! And better than I ever was with my Ph.D. in theoretical physics and PE Electrical! You must have majored in physics!” — Bill L.

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“I have learned many new things.” — Nick N.

Is a subscription to Technology Profits Confidential right for you?

I think it is. But let me prove it to you, starting with your free copy of Four Horsemen of Disruptive Technology: How to See Gains From Tomorrow’s Best Ideas! report, along with your first issue of Technology Profits Confidential.

Here’s else what you’ll get with your trial subscription...

Quick question: How often do you see someone talking or texting on a cellphone... using an mp3 player... or fiddling with their

Lots of times... In July 2011, worldwide mobile connections passed 5 billion worldwide — seven times more than a decade ago!

Juniper Research predicts the tablet market will explode over the next five years. They’re predicting yearly shipments of 253 million units by 2016!

But here’s an even better question for you...


Wouldn’t you love to make money off every single one of them?

Believe it or not, you can do exactly that.

For 98% of the devices they’re using, they had to pay an upfront “royalty” to the owner of the critically needed technology.

And smartphones... those are a virtual cash cow!

Companies are paying almost six times higher royalties to license the key parts of smartphone technology than they would for regular cellphones.

But here’s your extra edge: Just flip open this special report and we’ll tell you which technology giants are captive customers paying “tech rent!”

By owning shares in any of these “landlord” companies, you own an asset that will continue to collect royalties... year after year!

Big Pharma is faced with a very big problem.

Many of their prescription drugs have patents expiring in the near future.

At the same time...

The fact of the matter is the major pharmaceutical breakthroughs coming won’t be from Big Pharma.

They’ll be coming from a handful of breakthrough companies I’m going to share with you in this report.

These smaller companies are sitting on a proverbial gold mine.

They’re sitting on potential medical juggernauts that are an early bird investor’s dream!

Here’s a great example: Many cancer treatment drugs are like using a shotgun loaded with buckshot: They don’t just hit the cancer-causing cells...the surrounding healthy cells take damage, too.

But that’s about to end.

A Seattle-based biotech firm has created a new therapeutic platform for targeting cancer cells with little or no undesired side effects.

In fact, they can target the cancer as precisely as a military sniper. They can even deliver a more powerful cancer killing payload, too!

I’ll tell you all about the company behind this exciting new technology — plus two other equally exciting medical tech companies — in this special bonus report.

And let’s not forget...

In a recent speech, President Obama said, “It’s now clear this cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation.”

Well, we’ve discovered three companies uniquely positioned to meet the challenges and still deliver massive gains to their investors.

One of these companies has been a network security field pioneer for over 15 years. They’ve been recently ranked by InformationWeek as one of the top 500 U.S. technology innovators.

And with the news of Intel’s takeover of McAfee, tech companies like this one are becoming more frequent buyout targets.

You’ll discover more about this exciting company and two equally exciting gems in this bonus report — it’s yours to keep simply for taking Technology Profits Confidential for a risk-free test drive.

And here’s what else you’re getting...

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But that’s not all.

You’ll also get...

If you’re like me, you’ve come to rely on things like high-speed Internet and mobile devices to quickly access any financial and investment news.

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In fact, you’re completely protected by our...


By now, you may be wondering how much a subscription to Technology Profits Confidential might cost. Well, I’ll tell you in just a moment.

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In fact...

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Yours for Bigger Investing Profits,

Patrick Cox

Patrick Cox, Co-Editor, Technology Profits Confidential

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